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Digestive Problems

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Having a heart attack or suffering with heartburn… you choose. We’ve warned you before about the damaging health effects of stomach acid-blocking proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). To start with PPIs rob your bones of vital calcium and can trigger dangerous and painful fractures, they also destroy your good gut bacteria and leave you vulnerable to […]


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If you’re suffering with rhinitis this allergy season, there’s one thing you must know: Steer clear of the steroid nasal spray fluticasone. In the UK, fluticasone is available as nasal drops and a nasal spray (Flixonase) at a prescription-strength 400 micrograms dose. However, fluticasone is also used as an ingredient in over-the-counter nasal sprays like […]

Women's Health

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Since 2010, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rejected this drug twice… and yet, recently an FDA committee made a U-turn and voted 18-6 in favour of approving Sprout Pharmaceutical’s daily pill flibanserin… also referred to as the “female Viagra” or the “little pink pill.” Flibanserin’s approval — which will be sold under the […]