The MMR Autism Scandal Is Far From Over

A lot has been written about the evidence that links childhood vaccines (specifically, the mercury-based vaccine preservative thimerosal) to the alarming rise of autism over the past 25 years. As always, there is a counterargument using evidence and data that supports the mainstream’s belief that childhood vaccines are safe and that there is no link […]

That ‘Funny Turn’ Could Be A Mini Stroke…

Weakness in your arms, slurred speech and blurred vision… these are the common symptoms of a transient ischaemic attack (TIA), also known as a mini stroke. Yesterday, experts warned that tens of thousands of people are putting themselves at risk of suffering a major stroke by dismissing the symptoms of TIA as a ‘funny turn’. […]

Arsenic In Your Drinking Water?

If you struggle to keep your blood sugar in line, and you struggle with weight that yo-yos up and down, you’re sure not alone. That’s not much comfort, knowing that others are struggling too. But you’ve got to wonder — all these people, working hard to be diligent about blood sugar and weight control — […]

Full Fat, Semi-Skimmed, Skimmed: The Low-Fat Lie That Makes You Fat

You know the message… it’s an all-time mainstream favourite that we’ve been hammered with forever: low-fat is healthy and zero-fat is healthier. The constant pounding of low-fat propaganda sells tons of food products that turn out to be far less healthy than the promises made on their packaging. And one of those products stands out […]