That ‘Funny Turn’ Could Be A Mini Stroke…

Weakness in your arms, slurred speech and blurred vision… these are the common symptoms of a transient ischaemic attack (TIA), also known as a mini stroke. Yesterday, experts warned that tens of thousands of people are putting themselves at risk of suffering a major stroke by dismissing the symptoms of TIA as a ‘funny turn’. […]

Arsenic In Your Drinking Water?

If you struggle to keep your blood sugar in line, and you struggle with weight that yo-yos up and down, you’re sure not alone. That’s not much comfort, knowing that others are struggling too. But you’ve got to wonder — all these people, working hard to be diligent about blood sugar and weight control — […]

Full Fat, Semi-Skimmed, Skimmed: The Low-Fat Lie That Makes You Fat

You know the message… it’s an all-time mainstream favourite that we’ve been hammered with forever: low-fat is healthy and zero-fat is healthier. The constant pounding of low-fat propaganda sells tons of food products that turn out to be far less healthy than the promises made on their packaging. And one of those products stands out […]

Don’t Fall For The Latest Statin Drug Hype

Statin drugs… It extends lifespan! Reduces dementia risk! Prevents heart disease! And if you’re confused about the benefits vs. the dangers of statin drugs, believe me, you’re not alone. The wonder drug’s last gasp For years, statin drugs took the stage with “wonder drug” status. They were hyped as a game-changing drug to protect your […]