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Effective Asthma Inhaler Discontinued For No Good Reason

Last week, I told you about some frightening findings about the injectable asthma drug Xolair… I’m talking about anaphylactic shock and severe hypersensitivity to begin with. So asthmatics can’t get a safe medication that we know works, but they can get one with reams of side effects and little benefit. Just wait until you see […]

The ‘Secret’ Dangers Of Off-Label Drug Use

When your doctor writes a prescription for you, do you know what that drug you’re going to take is really for? I’m not asking if you’ve heard what your doctor tells you it is for, but if you know what the drug was actually approved for… In many cases the two things are miles apart. […]

Medicines Are The Biggest Culprit In Fatal Allergic Reactions

Whenever a case of deadly anaphylactic shock makes the news, it’s usually associated with something like a peanut or shellfish allergy. Contrary to popular belief, fatal food allergies are far less common than you may think. In fact, according to a recent study, most lethal allergic reactions — about 59 per cent — are down […]

Don’t Treat Your Child’s Crohn’s Disease With This Drug

Remember this name: Humira. It’s probably one of the most horrific drugs ever approved. It has a black-box warning for “serious infections” that can lead to “death,” as well as tuberculosis. It can trigger aggressive, fast-killing cancers, including two kinds of skin cancer. Yet, despite all the terrible things we now know about this drug, […]