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Steer Clear Of Coca-Cola’s ‘Version’ Of Milk…

“I won’t touch that stuff with a bargepole.” That was my first thought when I read the following headline: Coca-Cola to release its own brand of expensive milk. Cock and bull story There is something very fishy about a gigantic global soft drinks manufacturer — usually in the business of selling beverages laden with high […]

Is Stress Linked To Diabetes?

There’s no refuting the fact that stress lies at the root of many of today’s health concerns. For instance, stress reduction is known to be an effective way to help your immune system fight the flu and other viruses. It’s also known that when we find ways to reduce stress in our lives, other health […]

Trans-Fats Linked To Memory Impairment

Here at the Daily Health we have always maintained that eating the right kinds of fat can provide numerous health benefits and actually help prevent heart disease. Unfortunately, the mainstream and nutritional lawmakers in particular have waged a war against all fats and have become especially ‘fat phobic’ when it comes to saturated fats. Aim […]

Keep Your Pet Safe During The Festive Season

With just over a month to go to Christmas, we are nearing the holiday season filled with cocktail parties, festive bells and lights, laughter in the house and a general spirit of coming together to celebrate the end of another year. While we celebrate, it’s more than likely that we will want to include our […]