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Xolair — Avoid This Asthma Medication At All Costs

Xolair is an injectable drug that was first approved for allergic asthma back in 2003. However, from the get-go concerns were raised about this drug and despite suspicious cases of cancers and lab monkeys showing a dangerous drop in blood platelet levels, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pushed forward with its approval. Then […]

Yet Another Side Effect-Ridden Diabetes Drug Hits The Market

It looks like the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is out to set a record for approving more (and more dangerous) diabetes drugs this year than ever before. The latest diabetes drug is called Trulicity. It’s a once-a-week injection from the drug maker Eli Lilly… My guess is that Eli Lilly picked the name […]

If Doctors Won’t Take Statins, Why Should You?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one day (sooner than you think) cholesterol-lowering statin drugs will be exposed as one of the biggest medical cons ever. As more and more research reveals the dangers associated with statin drugs, it is no surprise that it is becoming something of a regular occurrence that […]

Pfizer Is Trying To Hide The Truth About Smoking Cessation Drug

Many people, when they decide to stop smoking, turn to somebody they can trust… their doctor. So when your doctor prescribes a smoking cessation drug like Champix (or Chantix in the US), you probably hope that it will be the answer to finally kick the habit for good. What you don’t hope for (and probably […]