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Pistachios promote heart health and weight loss

It’s no secret that nuts are loaded with healthy fats that help reduce the risk of heart disease. However, one particular nut is starting to make waves in terms of its heart-protective benefits, especially for diabetics who have a heightened risk of heart disease. Make mine a handful The results of a recent study have […]

Oestrogen Therapy Is NOT Safe For Your Heart

12 years ago, the Women’s Health Initiative’s hormone therapy ‘experiment’ (it was not really a study) was stopped “in the interest of safety.” The goal was to see if oestrogen pills could help prevent heart disease… but the answer was a resounding NO. In fact, results showed that oestrogen pills significantly increased a woman’s risk […]

Jardiance linked to worrying side effects…

Type 2 diabetes sufferers really get a raw deal… As if it’s not enough that they have to monitor almost every bite they take, they also need to be on extra high red alert when it comes to the prescription drugs they take… drugs that are supposed to help them, not harm them. The usual […]

Misleading information given about Alzheimer’s drugs

Alzheimer’s drugs… they’re supposed to offer hope, right? Hope that we’ll be able to make a connection again with a loved one who is slowly slipping away from us… Or, at the very least, these drugs should be able to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. At least that’s what Big Pharma wants us […]