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If Doctors Won’t Take Statins, Why Should You?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one day (sooner than you think) cholesterol-lowering statin drugs will be exposed as one of the biggest medical cons ever. As more and more research reveals the dangers associated with statin drugs, it is no surprise that it is becoming something of a regular occurrence that […]

Pfizer Is Trying To Hide The Truth About Smoking Cessation Drug

Many people, when they decide to stop smoking, turn to somebody they can trust… their doctor. So when your doctor prescribes a smoking cessation drug like Champix (or Chantix in the US), you probably hope that it will be the answer to finally kick the habit for good. What you don’t hope for (and probably […]

Anxiety Drugs Linked To An 84% Increased Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease

We’re told that the reason people get Alzheimer’s “isn’t clear.” Researchers and experts talk about “a complex result of multiple factors,” such as age and genetics. However, this cloud of uncertainty might just begin to shift. That’s because there have just been some startling new findings. Researchers in Canada and France have discovered a likely […]

Pre-Diabetes: Behold A New Disease On The Horizon…

Recently, the US Centres for Disease Control reported that after almost 20 years of a steady uphill climb, it now looks like new cases of type 2 diabetes in the US are beginning to reach a plateau. While that sounds like something to be celebrated, not everyone is happy… because as you can imagine, less […]