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Brilique And Aspirin Could Be A Deadly Combination

The first time we told you about Brilique (also marketed as Brilinta and Possia) was in 2010, shortly after it was approved to be used along with aspirin in the prevention of blood clots in people who’ve had a heart attack or who suffer from acute coronary syndromes (ACS). Yesterday, we told you how the […]

Brilique: Beware Of This Blood-Thinning Drug

The drug manufacturer is AstraZeneca, the study was called PLATO and the drug tested, Brilique — an “investigational” blood-thinning drug… And here’s the heart of the problem: A top medical expert accused AstraZeneca of using manipulated data — even fraudulent — to get Brilique approved and pushed onto the market in a mere two years! […]

Not knowing about drug recalls endangers your life

You have a pounding headache and as a last resort you reach for the packet of ibuprofen… but instead of popping a headache tablet you end up swallowing a risky epilepsy drug. Sounds like a scene from Murder She Wrote, doesn’t it? Well, the truth is if hospital workers failed to discover a mix-up in […]

Low Sodium Intake Increases Heart Disease Risk By 27%

The low sodium myth is one of those dangerous dietary myths that refuses to go away… and one of the groups that keeps this fable alive is the American Heart Association (AHA), who recommends we should eat no more than 1,500mg of salt a day. Yet, there is not a single study, not one, showing […]