Don’t Believe The Latest Ibuprofen Anti-Ageing Claims

Fruit flies and worms given daily doses of ibuprofen were reported to be healthier, happier and live longer than their untreated relatives! Yes, you read that right. That’s the gist of a new “study”, which really should be filed under the heading of “researchers” with too much time on their hands. Ibuprofen: Not the buzz […]

High-Fat Diet May Help In The Fight Against Alzheimer’s And Dementia

If you or someone you love suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll welcome the latest research findings. A Danish research team discovered that dietary fat can actually slow down your brain’s ageing process… and that can be a game-changer when it comes to saving your memory. What makes this research particularly interesting is that […]

Little Research To Support The Safety Of New Hip Implants

If you’ve had a hip replacement or are about to have one, your doctor hopefully told you that all implants will wear down over time as the ball and cup slide against each other during walking and running. Even though many people live the rest of their lives without needing their hip implant to be […]

Don’t Believe The Latest Claims About Resveratrol

After years of getting upset whenever the mainstream slams natural remedies with their bodged studies, I now just brush it off… water off a duck’s back. The latest news headline that made me roll my eyes, read: ‘Look away now: study finds no health benefit from wine and chocolate’. Bad Science This recent study, from […]