Boost Your Brain Function By Up To 32%

Growing old gracefully is something most of us would like to do, but when your memory starts slipping and you forget where you’ve put your car keys… or your grandchild’s name… well, then it looks easier said than done. It’s in those uncomfortable moments — when you struggle to recall a name, a face, or […]

Low-Salt Diet Myth Puts Elderly At Risk

Sometimes it’s clear as daylight that the numbers have been cooked… The US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) asked three teams of researchers to “crunch some numbers” from sodium studies. Obviously the CDC was looking for bad news on salt and the researchers did their best to deliver. Since they couldn’t give any actual results, […]

7 Foods To Help Fight The Ageing Process

Most of us have the goal of ageing gracefully and to accept and embrace how time changes our bodies. It’s a healthy goal, however it’s hard work to prevent and minimize the health concerns that naturally come with growing older. In addition to regular exercise, your diet plays an essential part in keeping you healthy. […]

Life Expectancy: We Are Living Healthier And Longer

A new study, conducted by Prof. David Cutler, a professor of Applied Economics, shows that not only has life expectancy increased over the past two decades but people have also become increasingly healthier later in life. Prof. Cutler said that with the exception of the year or two just before death, people are living much […]