Little Research To Support The Safety Of New Hip Implants

If you’ve had a hip replacement or are about to have one, your doctor hopefully told you that all implants will wear down over time as the ball and cup slide against each other during walking and running. Even though many people live the rest of their lives without needing their hip implant to be […]

Don’t Believe The Latest Claims About Resveratrol

After years of getting upset whenever the mainstream slams natural remedies with their bodged studies, I now just brush it off… water off a duck’s back. The latest news headline that made me roll my eyes, read: ‘Look away now: study finds no health benefit from wine and chocolate’. Bad Science This recent study, from […]

Boost Your Brain Function By Up To 32%

Growing old gracefully is something most of us would like to do, but when your memory starts slipping and you forget where you’ve put your car keys… or your grandchild’s name… well, then it looks easier said than done. It’s in those uncomfortable moments — when you struggle to recall a name, a face, or […]

Low-Salt Diet Myth Puts Elderly At Risk

Sometimes it’s clear as daylight that the numbers have been cooked… The US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) asked three teams of researchers to “crunch some numbers” from sodium studies. Obviously the CDC was looking for bad news on salt and the researchers did their best to deliver. Since they couldn’t give any actual results, […]