New ‘Salt-Busting’ Drug Poses Dementia Risk

Tenapanor, is the latest prescription drug set to soon hit the market. This drug blocks a protein that brings salt into your bloodstream and, by doing that, it keeps the sodium from the foods you eat confined to your gut. If you are one of the millions of people across the globe that has been […]

Aricept: Don’t Believe The Hype On This Alzheimer’s Drug

Back in 2012, I told you about the Alzheimer’s drug Aricept (donepezil). Since its approval Aricept has been wrapped in controversy. Initially, it was only available in 5–10 mg dosages. But when the drug’s patent ran out, Eisai (the manufacturers) managed to get a higher dose — 23 mg — approved, based on the results […]

GM Foods Linked To Alzheimer’s Disease

While some may argue that genetically modified (GM) foods do no harm and protect the environment, the truth is far from the rosy picture Monsanto — the largest US manufacturer of GM foods and pesticides — is trying to make us believe. The truth is, GM foods pose a real danger to your health. A […]

Prevent Dementia With Statins? Don’t Believe The Hype

I sighed with relief when I read how some mainstream medical experts are now saying that cholesterol-lowering statins, which cost as little as 4p a day and are taken by eight million Britons to reduce cholesterol and protect against heart attacks, heart disease and stroke, should be prescribed with caution because not enough is known […]