Walking Away The Pain Of Arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis pain, more specifically osteoarthritis in the knee,¬†here’s a step you can take to reduce your pain and get more mobility. Actually it’s 3,000 steps. But you don’t have to do them all at once. Osteoarthritis: Walking the walk A long-term study from Boston University in the US, found that the […]

Xeljanz Might Grow Your Hair But At A Deadly Cost

The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer must be rubbing its hands in anticipation… because if it gets its way the super risky, super expensive arthritis drug Xeljanz could become one of the company’s hottest sellers. And not because it can “cure” arthritis, or any other disease, for that matter. Hair to die for In the past we’ve […]

The Link Between Gum Disease And Arthritis

Yesterday, I told you about a new study that showed how the presence of oral bacteria in the bloodstream (caused by gum disease) can increase risk factors associated with atherosclerotic heart disease, like increased cholesterol and inflammation. I also mentioned that the mainstream has been slow to cotton onto the idea that gum disease may […]

New Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Gets The Boot

If you’re facing a chronic disease that could lead to a painful disability, like rheumatoid arthritis, no one will blame you if you’re looking for the best modern medicine money can buy to help you manage your illness. That’s probably the case for most rheumatoid arthritis patients and even more so when they’re encouraged by […]