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Beware the drugs that can mimic Parkinson’s

When Larry was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), his doctor decided to try a drug “off label” to treat it. There is nothing unusual to this — lots of doctors do it. The drug Larry was given for his IBS symptoms was a powerful medication, Stelazine, used to treat anxiety and depression. Again, as […]

Low-Dose Omega-3 May Reduce Epilepsy Seizures

We already know a lot about the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in fish-oil supplements — it can lower your blood pressure and triglycerides as well as cut your risk of heart attack and strokes. Let me tell you, if a drug got the same amazing result as the latest fish oil study, you’d […]

The Link Between Pesticides And Parkinson’s Disease

Earlier this week, I briefly told you about a recent study in which US researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) identified 11 pesticides that might be a trigger in Parkinson’s disease. Some of our readers came back to me and asked if I provide more details on this topic. Anything but ‘farm […]

Meditation Boosts Genes That Promote Good Health

Before you dismiss meditation, as some “new age silliness” consider this: It actually activates genes that perform beneficial tasks in your body. It also deactivates genes that can make you sick. Breathe in, breathe out… It’s no secret these days that stress is more dangerous than we used to think. In fact, it’s a killer. […]