Ladies, Beware Of This Simple But Deadly Surgical Procedure

Morcellation is a surgical procedure where doctors use an electrical slicing device to destroy fibroids and remove the uterus — in the case of hysterectomies — through a small incision. It’s a risky practice to say the least, because it can spread deadly cancer throughout a woman’s body. The worst is, despite knowing about its […]

Zapping Cancer Tumours With Electroshock Therapy

It doesn’t happen often, but when the mainstream reports positively on the effectiveness of alternative cancer therapies, it seems (if only slightly) that things are slowly starting to move in the right direction. Okay, this news report didn’t make the front page, but it was nonetheless in a mainstream newspaper. Zapped away In the article, […]

Beware Of This Cancer-Causing Chemical In Weed Killers

With summer showing itself slowly but surely, I’m sure we’re all bound to spend some time in our gardens… You know, weeding out those pesky unwanted weeds popping up overnight… However, before you grab a bottle of weed killer, you need to know what researchers are saying about the active chemical in these products. Armed […]

Thyroid Cancer Is Over-diagnosed

Thyroid cancer is a rare type of cancer that affects the thyroid gland, a small gland at the base of the neck. Survival rates depend on the type of thyroid cancer you are being diagnosed with:  • papillary carcinoma — the most common type, • follicular carcinoma — accounts for around one in 10 cases […]