Mammograms Are Not The Future Of Breast Cancer Detection

Earlier this week I told you about a recent study, which showed that out of 700,000 women a whopping 77,000 were told their mammogram results were suspicious. However, in nearly 99 per cent of cases there was no cancer at all… just a lot of women with sore breasts and frayed nerves. And there you […]

Mammograms For Breast Cancer Screening — There Must Be A Different Way

Here at the Daily Health we’ve said it many times: Mammograms are a bad choice for breast cancer screening. There are three very simple reasons why: 1) Compression of breasts may cause existing cancers to spread. 2) Radiation exposure increases risk of cancer. 3) It delivers too many false positives. Unnecessary overkill Back in 2010, […]

Drinking Coffee Could Help Prevent Heart Disease

A new study out of South Korea has found that people who drink three to five cups of Joe a day are least likely to have coronary calcium deposits in their arteries — or what’s more commonly known as “hardening of the arteries.” That means that moderate coffee consumption can significantly lower your risk of […]

Walnuts Found To Slow Prostate Cancer Growth

Previously, we told you about a study that revealed how higher dietary levels of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid found in walnuts, flaxseed and green leafy vegetables, could protect women from dying of heart disease and sudden cardiac death (death resulting from an abrupt loss of heart function). All-round nutty goodness We also […]