Chronic Pain

Put A Stop To Chronic Back Pain Without Painkillers

Back pain can destroy your day in a blink of an eye. From one sharp turn, your back just seizes up. And you’re lucky if you can even make it back up the stairs to bed. The first thing you probably do is reach for your prescription pain pills and hope you can fall asleep […]

Acupuncture Cures Sceptic’s Back Pain

I have regular acupuncture and the benefits I get from those tiny needles are tremendous… Some of my friends on the other hand think I’m a bit of a mug to have bought into this quackery…

Turns out many people feel the same way about acupuncture. Recently I watched a television programme, which debated the benefits of natural medicine. However, acupuncture came up with such frequency that it became a battleground issue.

There was no “winner” in this debate. I expect some viewers went away with respect for acupuncture, after the programme. I’m sure others remained sceptical.

To those sceptics I would just say this: I don’t blame you. Your scepticism is reasonable. After all, we’re talking about using needles to move energy through invisible channels in the body.

Listening To Music Can Help Reduce Chronic Pain

Research published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing has shown that listening to music can not only lift our spirits, but also reduce pain. The study showed that listening to music can reduce chronic pain by up to 21 per cent and depression by up to 25 per cent. It can also make people feel more in control of their pain and less disabled by their condition…

Natural Painkillers Can Safely Eliminate Back Pain

People who regularly suffer from back pain may heavily rely on drugs to relieve their pain, relax muscles and reduce inflammation. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and naproxen are usually tried first.

NSAIDs actually sabotage your body’s own healing efforts by accelerating arthritic degeneration. If NSAIDs don’t bring any relief, your doctor may prescribe stronger painkillers. These potent prescription drugs can be addictive and cause withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking them. As a last resort, steroid drugs or injections may be administered to the affected area to reduce inflammation.