Colds & Flu

Winter Flu Vaccine Given To Millions Barely Works

New research from Public Health England (PHE) has found that this season’s winter flu vaccine protects just three in a hundred people. When public health officials come out with such a statement, then you know something very fishy is going on in the pro-vaccine camp. Flu vaccines: Trapped in a hamster wheel We all know […]

Rapivab — Similar Flu Treatment As Tamiflu Gets Approval

 Late last year, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new flu treatment, called Rapivab. Rapivab (peramivir) is an intravenous neuraminidase inhibitor designed to treat patients 18 years and older who are suffering with acute uncomplicated influenza for more than two days. Uncomplicated influenza is characterised by the sudden onset of flu-related fever, […]

Proof That Children Aren’t Protected By The Fluenz Tetra Vaccine

One of the things the mainstream holds nearest and dearest to its heart, the flu vaccine, has had some major blows in the past few months. Previously, we told you about a large government-funded study showing that the flu shot does nothing to protect the elderly. That’s right. Nothing. Not getting the message across Of […]

Don’t Fall For The Latest Flu Vaccine PR Stunt

My oldest and dearest friend (we’ve known each other since we were 9 years old) and I have very few things that we don’t agree on. However, there’s one topic that divides us without a doubt. My friend is pro-vaccination and I am dead against it. Of course, this is not something that will spoil […]