Is Stress Linked To Diabetes?

There’s no refuting the fact that stress lies at the root of many of today’s health concerns. For instance, stress reduction is known to be an effective way to help your immune system fight the flu and other viruses. It’s also known that when we find ways to reduce stress in our lives, other health […]

2-in-1 Diabetes Drug Could Be A Deadly Duo

The type 2 diabetes drug Farxiga (dapagliflozin) is probably one of the most dangerous drugs approved in the past 4 years. For several years AstraZeneca struggled to get Farxiga approved and finally managed to push it past medical authorities in the UK and Europe in 2012, and in the US in January 2014. Its approval […]

Don’t Fall For The Latest Hype Surrounding Metformin

If you think cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are the only drugs that are praised for the (apparent) ability to ‘cure’ almost every ailment under the sun, think again. In fact, there’s a gang of researchers so smitten with the side effect ridden type 2 diabetes drug metformin that they believe everyone should be taking it. Crazy […]

Yet Another Side Effect-Ridden Diabetes Drug Hits The Market

It looks like the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is out to set a record for approving more (and more dangerous) diabetes drugs this year than ever before. The latest diabetes drug is called Trulicity. It’s a once-a-week injection from the drug maker Eli Lilly… My guess is that Eli Lilly picked the name […]