Avoid New Diabetes Drug At All Cost

As far as unleashing dangerous prescription drugs onto the market is concerned, the latest offering from Big Pharma stands a good chance of climbing to the top of the list for the ‘Worst Drugs Ever’, in no time! Invokana — a new type 2 diabetes drug — was recently described in the mainstream as a […]

Eating Yoghurt May Cut Diabetes Risk

Back in 2012, nutritionist Martin Hum told readers of the Real Diabetes Truth blog about a study that suggested that eating fermented dairy products could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The study compared the dairy product intakes of over 12,000 people who developed type-2 diabetes with a random sample of others who […]

Can The Tequila Plant Help Fight Diabetes And Obesity?

When you hear the word tequila, you probably think about wild student parties and heavy hangovers… However, if the latest promising new research turns out to be true, tequila is about to improve its reputation, especially among type 2 diabetes sufferers… Sweet spirit In a recent animal study, agavins, derived from the agave plant (used […]

Don’t Fall For The ‘Pre-Diabetes’ Con

Let’s face it, diabetes is fast becoming one of the biggest public health concerns all over the world. However, the escalating number of people being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is not only an indication of the detrimental health effects of the suger-rich Western diet, but is also a brilliant opportunity for Big Pharma to […]