Statins Increase Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Date: 12 March, 2002
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The statin-craze is downright ridiculous… doctors can’t seem to be able to prescribe them fast enough! The fact that these side-effect ridden cholesterol-lowering drugs are dominating the market is a clear indication of the power of Big Pharma’s giant marketing machine… the odds are almost 100 to 1, that if you’re taking a statin drug you don’t need it!

Path of destruction

It is a well-established fact that statin drugs have a number of severe side-effects and once you’ve been hoarded onto the statin bandwagon you can brace yourself for at least one or more of the following: liver problems, acute kidney failure, muscle weakness and cataracts… to mention but a few of statins’ ever-expanding list of side effects.

The latest addition to that disturbing list is DIABETES!

Back in April 2011, we told you how statins can raise your blood sugar levels (hyperglycaemia). Luckily, for some people, hyperglycaemia may be reversible as soon as they stop taking statins. However, left untreated, matters could become far worse.

A meta-analysis published in The Lancet, involving a total of 91,140 participants taking either a statin or a placebo, showed that people treated with statins showed a 9 per cent increase in diabetes.

In another study, known as the JUPITER trial, UK researchers conducted a meta-analysis which took into account 13 statin trials which each included 1,000 patients or more. The participants were followed for over a year. They concluded that there was indeed an increase, even though very small, in the development of Type 2 diabetes in patients treated with statins.

It has also been found that statin drugs INCREASE insulin levels… which not only raises your risk of diabetes, but elevated insulin levels cause a cascade of inflammatory chemicals and high cortisol which increases the risk of abdominal fat, high blood pressure, heart attacks, chronic fatigue, thyroid disruption, plus major diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Since the mainstream is slow to report on these findings, it is clear that they don’t care that the market is being flooded with a dangerous drug that not only can cause serious harm to those taking it but can also induce life- threatening diseases by playing havoc with the body’s normal biological functions!

Small drop in the ocean

However, I must admit that I was astonished when I read the following headline in a mainstream newspaper, earlier this week: Statin drugs raise diabetes risk.

The results of a recent study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, showed that post-menopausal women who took statins had a higher risk of getting diabetes than women who were not taking statins. The link appeared regardless of what type of statin, or what dosage, the women were taking.

These findings echo those of a previous study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), which looked at almost 33,000 people on moderate or high- dose statins in five separate studies. None had diabetes to start with. The researchers found that [delete: that] for every 498 people who took high-dose statins (80mg) of two types of widely prescribed forms of the drug — simvastatin or atorvastatin — the chances of developing Type 2 diabetes increased by 12 per cent over five years, compared to those who took a moderate dose of statins (20mg or 40mg).

Now, let me just point out: If you are taking 80mg of this killer drug daily, you are sitting on a time bomb!

What the news article didn’t highlight, is the fact that if you are taking a statin and you are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes based on the fact that you suffer with hyperglycaemia, your doctor could be WRONG with his diagnosis… because many doctors still ignore the fact that statins cause elevated blood sugar levels.

Worse still, once diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor will probably treat you with more drugs, instead of lowering your statin dosage or even suggesting that you may need to stop taking them until your blood sugar levels have normalised.

Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning that taking statins can raise blood sugar levels and increase the risk of developing diabetes. The FDA is now planning to add the diabetes risk to the “warnings and precautions” sections of labelling for statin drugs such as Lipitor, Lescol and Pravachol. However, drugs in the UK will not carry the warning.

Whether you are in the UK or the US, the message from our side is clear: If you are taking a statin drug (no matter what the dosage) and your doctor diagnoses you with diabetes you should be highly suspicious… don’t start taking any prescription drugs for Type 2 diabetes before you get a second opinion…

Whilst you’re at it, ask yourself, do you really need to take that little statin pill? Is it worth it or are there other healthier ways with which you can maintain optimum cholesterol levels?

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