Digestive Problems

Heartburn Drugs Come With Serious Bone Fracture Risks

Back in 2011, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that popular over-the-counter proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) — a class of drugs used to alleviate heartburn — could possibly increase the risk of bone fractures, especially in people using them long term. Four years later and still not much has been done to bring […]

This Food Additive Can Cause Digestive Problems In Your Pet

If you are not used to having pets around, then you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s only humans who suffer with digestive problems… However, those of us who own a dog will know that much as they are our best friends they can sometimes be their own worst enemies because there is almost nothing […]

Harmful Acid Reflux Drugs Approved For Babies

In 2011, we first told you about infants, some less than a year old, who are being diagnosed with acid reflux or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD), simply because they’ve been crying and spitting up… like most babies do. What’s most disturbing is that these babies are often treated with acid-suppressing drugs — proton pump inhibitors […]

Don’t Treat Your Child’s Crohn’s Disease With This Drug

Remember this name: Humira. It’s probably one of the most horrific drugs ever approved. It has a black-box warning for “serious infections” that can lead to “death,” as well as tuberculosis. It can trigger aggressive, fast-killing cancers, including two kinds of skin cancer. Yet, despite all the terrible things we now know about this drug, […]