Ear & Hearing

Ginkgo Biloba Could Help In The Fight Against Glaucoma

Imagine losing your eyesight… slowly you begin to struggle with blurred vison, not being able to focus and letters dancing all over the page when you are reading. The frustration and the feeling of being completely powerless against this distressing symptom of the ageing process must be truly frightening. Sadly, what I’ve just described is […]

5 Tried-And-Tested Tinnitus Treatments

Those who suffer with tinnitus will tell you that life can be a living nightmare as a result of the persistent ringing, buzzing, hissing, whooshing or whistling in your ears. Tinnitus affects 6 million people, in the UK alone. One of them is Chris Martin, the frontman for the hugely successful rock band, Coldplay. In […]

Study Confirms Link Between Hearing Loss And Dementia

Let’s be honest: There is a lot of noise out there not worth hearing. So sometimes “tuning out” can be a welcome break from the insanity. But if you find yourself not listening because you’re having more and more trouble hearing, it can actually be the first sign of a very dangerous spiral. Which came […]