Environmental Health

The Link Between Pesticides And Disease Gets Stronger

Biotech companies like Monsanto insist that it’s impossible to ‘grow’ sufficient amounts of food without the use of pesticides. That’s despite the fact that mounting evidence suggests these pesticides carry a great deal of blame for the rise in human disease. Who’s going to stop them? Mark my words: Genetically modified (GM) food and the […]

Is Your Pet’s Flea Collar A Silent Killer?

 If you knew that wearing a piece of jewellery or clothing could cause you to have seizures, severe skin burns, shaking, foaming at the mouth, and paralysis, you’d steer clear of it no matter what. And you almost certainly wouldn’t allow it anywhere near your pets. Yet, you may have been exposing your beloved cat […]

Monsanto’s Underhand Tactics To Protect Its Weed Killer Roundup

In the past month we’ve written a lot about the dangers of Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup. These dangers range from causing certain types of cancers in humans and animals to hormonal disruptions. Roundup’s main ingredient glyphosate has also been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Despite the evidence mounting against Monsanto’s weed killer, the […]

Popular Garden Herbicides Can Harm Your Pets

With summer around the corner, chances are that we all will spend more time in our gardens. If you are someone who takes pride in having the perfect green lawn, then this alert is for you… Deadly lawn All those easy-to-buy herbicides and lawn treatments, the ones that kill the weeds and make your backyard […]