Environmental Health

What Next? Roundup Weed Killer Is Now Linked To Antibiotic Resistance

Recently, I told you how Monsanto’s monster Roundup — the most widely used weed killer in the world — has been linked to an increased risk of cancer in humans. Earlier this year, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) — a committee of top cancer experts organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) […]

Beware: Genetically Modified Foods Are Coming To The UK

Genetically modified (GM) food has been at the centre of many heated debates for the past three decades. Some say it is the only solution for feeding the exploding population and their opponents claim these Franken Foods are nutritionally corrupt, harming our health… I side with the latter. In the US, since the 1980s, GM […]

The New Toxic Danger In Plastic Products

You’ll find it in CD cases, plastic cutlery, plastic water bottles, ready-meal containers and microwave dinners, and in the lining of tinned food. Bisphenol A or BPA (a synthetic oestrogen) is a toxic chemical used to harden plastics and it is one of the world’s most widely manufactured chemicals, with more than 2.2 million tons […]

Remove Up To 85% of Fluoride From Your Drinking Water

Here at the Daily Health we’ve warned our readers countless times about the dangers of fluoride over the years… it’s a contentious topic, but no matter which way you look at it, in the end fluoride in our drinking water will end up being known as one of the greatest scams in history. Fluoridating our […]