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Is A Sweet Tooth Putting You At Risk Of Diabetes And Heart Disease?

A teaspoon of sugar may help the medicine go down, but too much is a sure-fire way to need more medicine… and when that sugar is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) it gets even worse. Hidden sugar bomb Earlier this year, we launched our Sugar Dump Challenge in which we invited our readers to learn […]

Champix: Smoking Cessation Drug Linked To Hair Loss

If you are a smoker trying to quit (a good thing) and you are using Champix (Chantix) to help you kick the habit (not such a great idea), I hope you’ve read the information leaflet that accompanies this drug. Now, I’m not saying that the leaflet will inform you about all the side effects associated […]

Health: How Long Do You Have To Live?

If you’re in your early 50s and you’ve begun to entertain the (morbid) curiosity of wanting to know exactly when the Grimm Reaper will knock on your door, there might just be a way for you to find out. Researchers from the University of London studied 2,766 men and women who were around the age […]

Heart Disease And Diabetes Risk Factors Already Begins In Childhood

If there was one simple thing you could do for your children or grandchildren to help them prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and type 2 diabetes later in life wouldn’t you want to know what it is? Two factors that contribute to the loss of arterial elasticity are arteriosclerosis — the thickening and […]