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Champix — The Never-Ending Saga Of This Smoking Cessation Drug

When Pfizer’s smoking cessation drug Champix was hit with a black box warning, the pharmaceutical giant did everything in its power to get that dreaded box removed… and with good reason (only for the drug maker) because the warning that reads “WARNING: SERIOUS NEUROPSYCHIATRIC EVENTS” saw sales of this once best-selling drug plummet dramatically. But […]

Alloxan — The Diabetes-Inducing Chemical Found In White Bread

We all know how bad white bread is for us. Several years ago a study found that it “was the food most strongly related to diabetes.” But not for the reason you think, which in a nutshell boils down to refined carbohydrates that quickly convert into sugar that in turn spikes blood sugar levels, which […]

Health Hazards Of Supposedly Healthy Sugar Alternative

Earlier this week I told you about so-called health experts who recommend a mini can of Coca Cola as a ‘healthy’ snack. I don’t need to tell you that this kind of advice is grossly inaccurate and misleading and who ever tells you to enjoy a sugar-laden fizzy drink as a healthy alternative is anything […]

Mini Can Of Coke Pushed As A ‘Healthy Snack’

A friend sent me an article about fizzy drinks being recommended as a ‘healthy snack’. In the subject line of his email he wrote: “The Coke-side of life is not a happy place”. “The Coke Side Of Life” was the catch phrase the fizzy drinks manufacturer used a few years ago in its global ad […]