Heart Disease

Brilique: Beware Of This Blood-Thinning Drug

The blood thinning drug Brilique (also marketed as Brilinta and Possia) was approved in 2011, based on the 18,642-patient PLATO study, which compared Brilique with Plavix — the drug previously used as a ‘gold standard’ to prevent second heart attacks. Four years later, in 2014, a top medical expert accused the drug maker, AstraZeneca, of […]

New Heart Failure Drug Is A Disaster Waiting To Happen

Heart failure is a condition caused by the heart failing to pump enough blood around the body at the right pressure, because the heart muscle has become too weak or stiff to work properly. If you have heart failure, it does not mean your heart stopped working, but you will need some support to do […]

Mainstream Is Making A U-Turn On The Health Dangers Of Fat

For decades governments, nutritionists and medical authorities across the globe have been ignoring the health dangers of unhealthy refined carbohydrates, sugar and harmful additives all because they are low in fat and instead they have focussed on turning dietary fat into Public Enemy number one. However, now it seems like finally some experts in the […]

Digoxin: Heart Drug May Boost Death Risk 70%

Digoxin is commonly prescribed to treat atrial fibrillation (AF), an irregular and often rapid heart rate that causes poor blood flow throughout your body. It can lead to blood clots, stroke and heart failure. If you’ve been prescribed Digoxin (Digox, Lanoxin, Lanoxicaps, Cardoxin or Digitek) you have two choices: Stop taking the drug, or start […]