Heart Disease

The New Heart Drug Cangrelor Spells Bad News

Cangrelor is a blood thinning drug that is currently moving through the American Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval process at the speed of light. The agency is expected to give the green light for this drug sometime this summer. However, medical specialists have called the drug’s trials “disturbing” and “unethical”, and if anything, Cangrelor […]

Folic Acid Reduces Stroke Risk By 21%

Last week, I told you about the latest supplement-bashing research, which claimed that instead of reducing the risk of cancer, taking supplements actually increases the risk. In this botched analysis of 20 years of published studies on supplements, lead researcher Dr. Tim Byers, of the University of Colorado Cancer Centre, specifically highlighted the supposed cancer […]

New Heart Failure “Breakthrough” Linked To Alzheimer’s

Heart failure… The name alone is enough to make anyone diagnosed with this serious condition feel powerless. So, when a new drug comes along and it’s dubbed as “groundbreaking,” “exciting,” and a “rare breakthrough therapy”, who can blame heart failure patients for getting excited? Heart failure or Alzheimer’s disease… You choose Novartis’s new heart failure […]

Disease-Proof Your Heart… Starting Today

February is National Heart Month in both the UK and the US. There are about 2.6 million people in the UK living with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and since every single one of us has a heart it means every one of us is at potential risk. Every year, 160,000 people in the UK die from […]