Heart Disease

Low Sodium Intake Increases Heart Disease Risk By 27%

The low sodium myth is one of those dangerous dietary myths that refuses to go away… and one of the groups that keeps this fable alive is the American Heart Association (AHA), who recommends we should eat no more than 1,500mg of salt a day. Yet, there is not a single study, not one, showing […]

Lower Blood Pressure Without Dangerous Drugs

Earlier this week, I told you about lycopene — a component found in tomatoes — and its powerful potential to slash your risk of stroke by as much as 53 per cent. For those of you who missed that alert, here’s a quick recap: Researchers from Cambridge University recently found that the lycopene in tomatoes […]

Slash Your Risk Of Stroke By Up To 53 Per Cent!

Slash your risk of stroke by more than 50 per cent and even get to stop taking your blood pressure medication… or better still, avoid blood pressure problems altogether? Without taking dangerous drugs? Yep, it’s possible. Researchers have discovered a common food component that has the unique power to help prevent stroke and blood pressure […]

Is This The Secret To A Disease-Free Life?

When the British Soft Drinks Association recently responded to health expert, Prof. Capewell’s call to place warnings on sugar-sweetened fruit juice and fizzy drinks to warn people about their increased risks of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay, they said: “Obesity is a far more complex problem than Professor Capewell’s simplistic approach implies and trying to […]