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Will Statins Prove To Be The Biggest Drug Scandal Of Our Time?

Date: 20 June, 2012

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Things are heating up in the on-going cholesterol and statin debate. In fact, some in the mainstream quarters seem to have finally cottoned onto the fact that the risks of taking side effect-ridden statin drugs far outweigh the benefits.

Here at the Daily Health, we’ve been exposing the dangers associated with these cholesterol-lowering drugs for a long time now… in our opinion, it’s long overdue that the truth about statins is finally made public…

The time has come

I love a difference of opinion, which is why I welcomed the following comment from a reader on our dedicated blog The Cholesterol Truth:

“Don’t forget that all this statin research is needed to meet the needs of our ageing and physically inactive population. People want to eat as much as they can, neglect sports and expect to stay healthy by simply getting proper medication. Approval processes for new drugs are strict and thorough, only a few candidates make it on the market.

I personally feel safe and not worried, as I trust in our supervisory bodies. Regards Weino-R”

Yep, I agree in part. There most certainly is a worldwide epidemic of people experiencing poor health and ageing much earlier than they should. A lack of exercise, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking are certainly the main culprits behind this epidemic. Added to this is an over reliance on pharmaceutical drugs… a pill for every ill and even pills to prevent against ill-health — with some doctors even recommending statins to all over a certain age (regardless of their health status) to supposedly ward off cardiovascular disease. This combination is sure to land us in an early grave. But trusting medical authorities to only approve drugs that do no harm? In an ideal world, yes. But not in today’s profit-driven world where Big Pharma rules supreme… statins are testament to that.

For the past 30 years, Big Pharma and their cronies have been telling us about the benefits of this so-called ‘wonder drug’. To ensure that statins will be taken by almost everyone on the planet, cholesterol has been turned into public enemy number one and we’ve been told that lowering our levels is the only way to prevent heart disease successfully (despite evidence to the contrary). Countless people have walked into this trap, which is why statin drugs are one of the top selling money spinners in the pharmaceutical industry today…

This is still not enough to satisfy Big Pharma’s insatiable greed. Since statins first hit the market, they have been tried and tested in the prevention of almost every possible disease, from fighting flu and infections right through to curing cancer. Each time, the media announces with great furore how these studies prove the disease prevention benefits of statins. Or at least, that’s what the mainstream wants us to believe.

However, closer inspection of many of these trials exposes corruption among researchers, withheld negative research findings, and manipulation of the results to prove exactly what the researchers set out to establish. The JUPITER Study — one of the largest and most influential statin trials, is a shining example of this. Big Pharma even went so far as to withhold information on the numerous side effects patients’ experienced during the trial… and yet, it took years before the mainstream reported on this debacle… but the time has come for statins to be pushed off their little golden pedestal.

Slowly catch the monkey

In a study, published earlier this week in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers found that patients who take generic and brand name statin drugs like Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor and others are much more likely to experience fatigue while at rest and during exertion. Lead researcher, Dr Beatrice Golomb, said that severe fatigue or loss of energy (which is one of the most common side effects of statin drugs) can impact long term physical health and should be a serious consideration in determining whether to continue using these drugs, specifically if the risks outweigh the benefits.

This finding adds to the growing concerns over the serious risks of liver damage, memory loss and diabetes linked to the use of statin drugs, which led the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to add additional safety warnings on statin drug labels, in February this year.

In fact, Dr. John Briffa, contributing editor on The Cholesterol Truth, has been exposing countless flawed statin trials on our dedicated blog revealing one of the biggest medical cons of our time in the process. On the blog, he also explains why cholesterol is not the villain it is made out to be and how the mainstream has got hold of the wrong end of the stick when it comes to heart disease prevention.

Though this message is still a hard one to swallow for a few diehard statin fans, many others are realising that they have been duped. Like Christine who recently posted this comment on The Cholesterol Truth: “I truly believe statins will prove to be one of the biggest drug scandals of our time!”

Now with that, I wholeheartedly agree.

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  1. Robert Leonard Posted May 14, 2014

    I have 5 stents in my heart and and take 5 tablets everyday I go to the gym 5 days a week and do 45 mins on the bike or rowing machine I eat well an my diet is good although I am 19.5 stone and muscular as I body build but I am permanently tired even after exercise I take a nap is this because of statins

  2. Keith Slater Posted April 17, 2014

    I am taking a cocktail of drugs, including a statin and a beta blocker. I have all the symptoms – tiredness, aching muscles, poor memory, but do I have the symptoms because of what I read as the GP would say, or is there good documented test evidence of these side effects?

  3. Doreen Smyth Posted August 18, 2013

    What if you have very high cholesterol say 10.5 should statins still be avoided?

    • Admin Posted August 19, 2013

      Chances are that you may have Familial hypercholesterolaemia – inherited high cholesterol. People with inherited or familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH) have a lack of low-density lipoprotein receptors that remove cholesterol from the blood. These people have high cholesterol levels from birth and this leads to an early development of hardening of the arteries and vascular diseases. Siblings and children of a person with FH have a 50 per cent risk of getting the defect. The disease does not skip generations. This means that children and grandchildren of family members who don’t have the defect are not at risk from FH.

      It will be wise to discuss this with your GP and look at ways to prevent the hardening of the arteries. Your doctore may still recommend statins, however there are other safer ways to manage the hardening of your arteries. Statins should be the very last option.

  4. Dora Posted January 17, 2013

    thanks for your info….never heared anything good about Statin.Was to take them also ….but never did….divine guidence told me not to !!

  5. Peter Barczak Posted June 24, 2012

    I am on Simvastatin.
    Even after a good night’s sleep I am tired and can sleep through the day.
    My memory is also so bad I am trying to get an appointment at the Memory Clinic.
    Is this due to statins?

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