High Blood Pressure

A Little Olive Oil Has Huge Heart-Protective Benefits

It takes as little as a drizzle of olive oil to potentially save your life. That’s according to the results of two recent studies. One study has shown that olive oil can lower blood pressure when eaten with certain vegetables and another found that eating the equivalent of two thirds of a teaspoon of olive […]

New Cholesterol “Blockbuster Drug” Will Steal Your Memory

I recently told my doctor to make a note on my file to never discuss statin drugs with me again… or to try to convince me that cholesterol is public enemy number one and that I should take these side effect-ridden drugs. Suffice to say, he was surprised and had no comeback when I told […]

Urgent Warning For Those Taking Calcium Channel Blockers…

If you are suffering with high blood pressure and heart disease, then you might be one of the millions of people taking Calcium channel blockers. Calcium channel blockers’ side effects (especially when there are toxic levels of the drug in you blood), include constipation, headache, rapid heartbeat (tachycardia), fatigue and nausea. However, there is something […]

Mainstream Wants To Dish Even More Statins Out…

These mainstreamers are milling around statin drugs like a dung Beatle around a t***! What they can’t seem to admit to themselves is that more and more people are cottoning onto (and are concerned about) the damaging effects of cholesterol-lowering statins. Some of these include increasing the risk of high blood sugar and type 2 […]