High Blood Pressure

Dangers of Olmesartan Drug Finally Exposed

Recently, we told you how researchers had found that diabetics who took a high dose of the blood pressure drug Olmesartan (Benicar) for 6 months or more, were twice as likely to die. Let’s face it, that’s probably as bad as it gets when we talk about drug side effects… death! However, there’s a new […]

ACE Inhibitors Have An Unknown Deadly Side Effect

When you’re taking an ACE inhibitor, even for years, things can suddenly turn deadly. And it can all happen with lightning speed. ACE inhibitors are a class of very common blood pressure drugs, prescribed to millions of people across the globe. What I’m about to tell you about ACE inhibitors is vitally important to know, […]

Beware Of This Potentially Dangerous New Heart Disease Drug…

Yesterday I told you about Dr. Alberto Donzelli, the head of a public health agency in Milan, Italy, who ended up on Big Pharma’s “hit” list. Dr. Donzelli had thoroughly researched one of Merck’s blockbuster drugs, Zetia, and the drug company didn’t want the world to hear about his findings. But if you’re wondering why […]

A Little Olive Oil Has Huge Heart-Protective Benefits

It takes as little as a drizzle of olive oil to potentially save your life. That’s according to the results of two recent studies. One study has shown that olive oil can lower blood pressure when eaten with certain vegetables and another found that eating the equivalent of two thirds of a teaspoon of olive […]