High Blood Pressure

Is The Internet Giving Your Kids High Blood Pressure?

Let’s face it, since the arrival of the Internet our lives have changed tremendously and going back to the days of making phone calls (instead of texting), writing letters and posting them (instead of sending emails) and sticking family photos in a photo album (instead of saving them on a cloud… or is that ‘in’ […]

Are New Blood Pressure Guidelines On The Horizon?

Hypertension hysteria hit an all-time high in 1999 when the World Health Organization (WHO) issued guidelines saying that any diastolic (second half) blood pressure reading over 80 was not healthy. AstraZeneca, one of the many drug companies that sponsored this “research,” was so excited that it issued a press release to “leak” these new numbers […]

Dangers of Olmesartan Drug Finally Exposed

Recently, we told you how researchers had found that diabetics who took a high dose of the blood pressure drug Olmesartan (Benicar) for 6 months or more, were twice as likely to die. Let’s face it, that’s probably as bad as it gets when we talk about drug side effects… death! However, there’s a new […]

ACE Inhibitors Have An Unknown Deadly Side Effect

When you’re taking an ACE inhibitor, even for years, things can suddenly turn deadly. And it can all happen with lightning speed. ACE inhibitors are a class of very common blood pressure drugs, prescribed to millions of people across the globe. What I’m about to tell you about ACE inhibitors is vitally important to know, […]