Copper Nukes The MRSA Superbug

When patients are admitted to a hospital injured, debilitated or sick, their immune systems are compromised, making them easily susceptible to superbug infections… probably one of the most frightening things that can happen to a patient. Hospitals are an ideal breeding ground for superbugs because they can survive on surfaces for up to three days […]

Rosemary Boosts Your Immune System And Memory

With politicians telling us that austerity measures are far from over in Britain, it’s heart-warming to see that the Great British spirit of resilience is as strong as ever with more and more people cooking with ingredients from their gardens in an effort to save a few pounds.  One very handy garden shrub for cooking […]

The Risks Of Taking Supplements Before Surgery

Yesterday, I told you about the supplements that can help you recover much faster after surgery. But there’s a catch. And it’s an important one: Give up your supplements in the days leading up to your surgery. Err on the side of caution You’ll find plenty of variations in guidelines for discontinuing supplements before surgery. […]

The One Thing You Must Do After Surgery

Surgery creates a level of physical and emotional stress that our bodies are just not programmed for. The machines, the anaesthesia, the knives… Then, when you start to come around and finally push past the anaesthesia fog, your doctor starts throwing instructions and drugs at you. There’s one easy thing you can do to get […]