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Effective Asthma Inhaler Discontinued For No Good Reason

Last week, I told you about some frightening findings about the injectable asthma drug Xolair… I’m talking about anaphylactic shock and severe hypersensitivity to begin with. So asthmatics can’t get a safe medication that we know works, but they can get one with reams of side effects and little benefit. Just wait until you see […]

Xolair — Avoid This Asthma Medication At All Costs

Xolair is an injectable drug that was first approved for allergic asthma back in 2003. However, from the get-go concerns were raised about this drug and despite suspicious cases of cancers and lab monkeys showing a dangerous drop in blood platelet levels, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pushed forward with its approval. Then […]

Ginger May Benefit Asthmatics

These last few days have shown us that winter is slowly creeping closer. Cold weather can cause asthma to flare up more than usual, and then there is also the added threat of colds and flu during the winter months, which can badly affect the respiratory system. Hot and spicy Apart from the risk of […]

Champix: Slow-ticking Time Bomb

It’s not just the smokers who are suffering but also those supporting them in their effort. Here is a quote from one of our female readers: “… our relationship is at risk. All the symptoms of depression, suicide, upset stomach, fatigue, muscle pain, paranoia, lack of sex drive, etc…has taken a huge toll…”