Mental Health

Anxiety Drugs Linked To An 84% Increased Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease

We’re told that the reason people get Alzheimer’s “isn’t clear.” Researchers and experts talk about “a complex result of multiple factors,” such as age and genetics. However, this cloud of uncertainty might just begin to shift. That’s because there have just been some startling new findings. Researchers in Canada and France have discovered a likely […]

The MMR Autism Scandal Is Far From Over

A lot has been written about the evidence that links childhood vaccines (specifically, the mercury-based vaccine preservative thimerosal) to the alarming rise of autism over the past 25 years. As always, there is a counterargument using evidence and data that supports the mainstream’s belief that childhood vaccines are safe and that there is no link […]

Are You Taking St. John’s Wort? Read This Now…

When I read the headline The most popular herbal treatment for depression can be unexpectedly dangerous‚Ķ and even deadly, I thought to myself: Here we go again, another attack on natural and alternative medicine. However, it turns out I was a bit quick to react, because beyond the slightly inflammatory headline, the article was actually […]

Don’t Fall For Big Pharma’s Ploy to Push More Antidepressants

Talk about twisting facts and figures to serve a specific purpose. Here are a couple of news headlines that recently grabbed my attention: “Warned to death? Antidepressant ‘black box’ backfires” and “Warnings against antidepressants for teens may have backfired.” What’s the twist? Well, apparently the black box warnings about antidepressants causing suicidal thoughts were responsible […]