Mental Health

Seasonal Depression? Six Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

Seasonal depression can affect anybody, especially if you live in the Northern hemisphere and those cold and dark days carry on for just too long and slowly begin to affect your mood. The fact is, scarce sunlight and the gloomy and cold weather takes its toll on many of us and it’s estimated that up […]

Binge-Eating Is The Latest Mental Health “Threat”

If you’ve lately been enjoying more food than normal — like eating a whole tub of ice cream while watching a film — or if you’ve been “uncomfortably full” several times a month, voila! Chances are you have “binge-eating disorder.” Binge-eating disorder was officially listed as a mental health disorder in the latest edition of […]

Treating Depression with Botox?

You know what they say: “Laugh, and the world laughs with you.” However, cry… well, then you’ll get a shot of Botox. I’m dead serious: Botox is being touted as one of the newest treatments for depression. Botox those blues away When injected, Botox attaches itself to nerve endings and blocks the signals that normally […]

Champix: FDA Stands Strong Against Pfizer’s Smoking Cessation Drug

We’ve been writing about the dangerous (and often fatal) consequences of taking the smoking cessation drug, Champix (Chantix in the US). In fact, last month I told you how the manufacturer of Champix, Pfizer, was doing everything in its power to remove the black box warning from this drug that tells people about its side […]