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Is Technology A Danger To Pedestrians?

Technology-obsessed pedestrians are everywhere these days. You see them glancing at their phones, checking emails, sending text messages, taking selfies, playing games and updating their Facebook status… all while walking down the street like they’re the only ones on it. Take your eyes off the screen Researchers recently asked the question: How much are these […]

Will Your Doctor Give You C.Difficile?

While hospitals are struggling to keep antibiotic resistant bacterial infections under control, a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, has just discovered something horrifying about another deadly infectious agent, C. difficile — commonly called C. diff. Deadly bacteria linked to doctors’ and dentists’ offices C.difficile is extremely contagious… and it can be […]

Former FDA Chief Turns On Big Pharma

Almost 17 years after leaving the top job at the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Dr. David Kessler, the former head of the FDA, has gone from being Big Pharma’s best friend to public enemy. These days Dr. Kessler is out to prove just how much Big Pharma lies, cheats, and steals. Needless to […]