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Big Pharma Attacks Doctor For Exposing Drug Dangers

Dr. Alberto Donzelli, the head of a public health agency in Milan, Italy, ended up somewhere not a lot of doctors do — on Big Pharma’s “hit” list. Recently, the pharmaceutical giant Merck came down on Dr. Donzelli with full legal force… all because he simply did his job and because he told the truth […]

How Much Longer Must We Suffer The Statin Drug Controversy?

Last month, one of our regular readers — one of the millions of people (no exaggeration) who has been affected by side effect ridden statin drugs — shared her story of how the mainstream has left her out in the cold after these drugs destroyed her health. While diehard statin supporters suggest that cases like […]

Mainstream Still Whitewashes Vaccine Side Effects

“Large study confirms that childhood vaccinations are safe”… or “Study finds vaccine side effects extremely rare.” You probably saw some similar headlines in the news recently. Frankly, ‘studies’ like the one mentioned in these headlines is a shameful example of corporate propaganda dressed up as a scientific research… and the media moles fell for it […]

FDA Continues To Back Pradaxa Despite Deaths

Since its approval in October 2010, we’ve warned against the hideous side-effects of the blood thinning drug Pradaxa,. The drug is used as an alternative to the almost equally dangerous blood thinning drug warfarin. The fact is, before the very first Pradaxa pill was ever swallowed, an antidote to stop the uncontrollable bleeding it can […]