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The US Is Facing An Opioid Painkiller Death Epidemic

Here at the Daily Health, occasionally we get criticised for speaking out against Big Pharma — with some of our critics feeling that we focus too strongly on the negative aspects of pharmaceutical drugs, like their side effects… instead of highlighting the “countless drugs that actually cure people” (as someone recently put it to me). […]

Drug Trial Deaths: How Often Does It Happen?

In a recent US television documentary entitled “Your Money or Your Life”, the CEO of a pharmaceutical giant was asked why drugs come with such high price tags, especially in America. His answer was: “Do we want cheap drugs now and no drugs in the future? Or more expensive drugs now, and a constant stream […]

Medical Staff Are Not The Reason Why The NHS Is Crumbling

There’s no doubt about it: Doctors and nurses are drawing the short straw at the moment. Many people are outraged by the most recent strikes by hospital and medical staff, in the UK. How dare they put our lives at risk by not showing up for work? What’s up doc? If there’s one thing I […]

Big Pharma… We Have A Problem!

Yesterday, I told you about a recent report, compiled by the UK government drug watchdog, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which revealed the startling number of side effects associated with statin drugs, including deaths. Yet, these drugs are still being touted to millions of people. New dealer on the block We’re facing […]