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Don’t Fall For The Meningitis B “Epidemic” Scare

Recently, a new meningitis B vaccine, Trumenba (manufactured by Pfizer), was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The US is the first country to have approved Trumenba, which means that the US Centres for Disease Control will soon start to make recommendations about how this vaccine should be used… and on who. […]

Are You Drug-Driving Without Realising The Risks?

When you hear this, you’ll be just as stunned as I was… A recent study looked at traffic data over the last 20 years and found that prescription drugs were involved in fatal crashes almost 50 per cent of the time. Don’t operate heavy machinery This latest study found that prescription drugs caused more deaths […]

The ‘Secret’ Dangers Of Off-Label Drug Use

When your doctor writes a prescription for you, do you know what that drug you’re going to take is really for? I’m not asking if you’ve heard what your doctor tells you it is for, but if you know what the drug was actually approved for… In many cases the two things are miles apart. […]

Pfizer Is Trying To Hide The Truth About Smoking Cessation Drug

Many people, when they decide to stop smoking, turn to somebody they can trust… their doctor. So when your doctor prescribes a smoking cessation drug like Champix (or Chantix in the US), you probably hope that it will be the answer to finally kick the habit for good. What you don’t hope for (and probably […]