How To Tell If Your Olive Oil Is The Real Thing

Olive oil has been used for over 5,000 years and its health benefits include boosting immunity; increasing bone density; preventing cancer, stroke and heart disease; lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of diabetes. If that wasn’t enough, recently olive oil has also been shown to improve memory and increase overall cognitive function. A large […]

Vegan Eggs? What Will The Chicken Say?

We are entering a new era of ‘food crazy’. Today, I give you the ultimate vegan egg… Yes, it’s an egg but it was not laid by a chicken or any other bird and it contains no animal protein… or anything ‘animal’ at all for that matter. Now, I understand that some people have a […]

Give Your Health A Powerful Boost With Mandarin Oranges

Emperor, Willow-leaf, Oneco, Le-dar and Changsa. These are all cultivars of mandarin oranges, also sometimes called tangerines. These small, sweet oranges are not only a favourite in culinary cuisine for salads and desserts but they also provide multiple health benefits, from reducing the risk of cancer to weight loss. Mandarin oranges: A superpower on their […]

Heston Blumenthal gets the wrong end of the stick about MSG

Late last year, the UK celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, out of the blue became a champion of the controversial taste enhancing food additive monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG, Ve-tsin or E621 MSG that causes “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome”. MSG has been linked to causing headaches, sweating, flushing, numbness in the face and neck, heart flutterings […]