Is The End Of Fizzy Drinks In Sight?

Back in the 80s and 90s, the fizzy drinks industry reached its peak when companies like Coca-Cola began pushing larger drink sizes and “upsizing.” As people bought into the ‘super-size culture’, rates of obesity and diabetes soared and even though the industry still denies any connection with these diseases, mounting research suggests otherwise. Thankfully, in […]

Toxic Ingredient Hiding In Gluten-Free Food

Gluten free is the new “low-fat.” However, whether it’s for medical reasons or a lifestyle choice, you need to know there’s something dangerous hiding in your gluten-free diet. In fact, you may unknowingly be replacing gluten with a toxic ingredient. One that can damage your kidneys, wreck your liver and even cause cancer. Here’s what […]

Don’t Fall For The Latest Vitamin D Advice

The US Preventive Services Task Force is supposed to inform doctors about “rapidly evolving medical knowledge and information”. Suffice to say, you’d expect these guys to know what they are talking about. However, their latest vitamin D recommendation is the kind of advice that is so completely out of the loop you could easily brush […]

Genetically Modified Crops Linked To Tumours And Organ Damage

There is no easy way around it, so I’m just going to come out with it: Monsanto’s genetically modified corn is slowly but surely killing us. Monsanto is like an evil monster that was let loose and now it seems that there is just no turning back. However, when researchers in France recently republished a […]