Meat: Essential brain food you’ve been told NOT to eat

You’ll rarely hear a doctor or nutritionist tell you that you need to eat more meat — especially red meat. What you most definitely won’t hear from your doctor is that eating red meat can actually help protect your brain against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Before I continue, it’s important to distinguish between processed meats […]

The trace mineral that can help curb sugar cravings

Avoiding sugar is one of the best steps you can take to lose weight and improve your health… in addition to lowering your risk of diabetes and obesity, you’ll also help protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer and fatty liver disease. Curb those cravings An effective way to curb cravings for sugar and refined carbs is […]

FDA Bans Trans Fats From ALL Food In The US

Trans fats are the worst type of fat you can eat. End of. These fats are formed during a food process called hydrogenation — when vegetable oil is heated to very high temperatures and hydrogen is added which turns the liquid vegetable oil into solid fat… a similar structure to plastic… or candle wax! The […]

A Packet Of Crisps — One Of Your Five A Day?

Sometimes I don’t know if I should laugh, cry or just shake my head in disbelief… According to the latest nutritional survey, millions of parents are mistakenly feeding their children junk food, with one in twenty thinking a packet of crisps counts towards the UK government’s recommendation of eating five fruit and veg a day… […]