Five Fruit And Veg A Day May Not Be Enough…

The “five a day” campaign was launched in the UK, in 2003, after the World Health Organisation (WHO) advised in 1990 that our minimum daily intake of fruit and vegetables should be 400g a day. Other countries like France and Germany also recommend five a day, while the US abandoned the numbers in favour of […]

5 Reasons To Eat More Eggs

There is a lot of confusion surrounding eggs, especially when it comes to how many are safe to eat… Back in the 1950s, here in the UK, people were encouraged to ‘go to work on an egg’. All of that changed in the 70s and 80s when the crazed cholesterol-conscious mainstream created fat-phobia and advised […]

The Dangerous Toxins Lurking In Food Packaging

When you take a sip of bottled water or unwrap your lunchtime sandwich I’m sure the last thing on your mind is cancer… or diabetes, obesity, neurological diseases and inflammatory disorders. But perhaps it should be… and with very good reason. A problem well-wrapped and packaged A team of medical experts recently raised concerns about […]

Are You Eating These 5 Foods The ‘Wrong’ Way?

I sometimes think we look for big answers instead of simple solutions, especially at this time of year when when many of us dwell on the dos and don’ts of dieting and healthy eating. So, I was relieved when I came across an article in Time magazine that discussed the most common mistakes people make […]