Genetically Modified Crops Linked To Tumours And Organ Damage

There is no easy way around it, so I’m just going to come out with it: Monsanto’s genetically modified corn is slowly but surely killing us. Monsanto is like an evil monster that was let loose and now it seems that there is just no turning back. However, when researchers in France recently republished a […]

Avoid The Food Additive Carrageenan At All Costs

Carrageenan is widely used as an additive by Big Food for its thickening and stabilising properties. You’ll find it in salad dressings, prepared meat and fish, flavoured milk, processed cheese, ice cream, evaporated milk, cream, cottage cheese, sour cream, infant formula, alcoholic beverages, sauces and dressings… It’s made out of seaweed. So, what could possibly […]

Are You A Victim Of High Fructose Corn Syrup Addiction?

Over the past few weeks we’ve written a lot about the detrimental effects of artificially sweetened fizzy drinks and fruit juice. No matter how one looks at it, these beverages are unhealthy, but that doesn’t always stop us from drinking them. But it turns out that when you really crave a Coke or Pepsi, and […]

Is The Paleo Diet Good Or Bad For You?

The Paleo Diet is probably one of the hottest diet trends around, with celebrity followers like Uma Thurman, Jack Osbourne, and Matthew McConaughey. While this diet — based on eating seasonal vegetables, fruit, nuts, roots, and meat — is gaining popularity, some critics have begun to ask whether it is a health trap in disguise. […]