Oral Health

Your Mercury Fillings Have A Dark Secret…

Those dental amalgams — also known as silver fillings — are carrying a dark and dangerous secret that you probably won’t hear about from your dentist… They were approved without a single shred of evidence that they are safe. That’s right, those silver fillings — consisting of nearly 50 per cent mercury (one of the […]

One Vitamin Helps Reverse Gum And Heart Disease

Mention heart disease risk and we instantly think about cholesterol numbers, blood pressure readings, and C-reactive protein levels. However, if you want an early sign that you may be at risk of a cardiovascular event, take a look at your gums. Numerous studies have linked gum disease with an increased risk of heart disease, which […]

Oral Health: ‘Chocolate’ Toothpaste To Fight Tooth Decay?

Our regular readers know that fluoride is one of our pet hates here at Agora Health. The fact is, that fluoride used in our drinking water is a by-product of the fertilizer industry. Decades ago, someone got the bright idea to add unusable fluoride to our water supplies. They hyped it as healthy, and a […]

The Latest Fluoride Scam

A new fluoride scam is rearing its ugly head… You’re lying in the dentist chair, with fingers in your mouth and all kinds of things sucking and drilling. Let’s face it, it’s hardly a place to start up a conversation. In fact, it would be near impossible. That’s how they catch you with a sneaky […]