Is The DEXA Scan Just Another Big Pharma Scam?

The DEXA Scan is the “gold standard” test that will tell you how likely you are to break a bone. However, this common procedure is filled with problems, errors and mistakes. The results are totally unreliable. That’s why these four little letters — DEXA — can turn out to spell — DISASTER. Bone dry DEXA […]

Osteoporosis Drug Linked To Cancer

There are millions of hip, arm and vertebrae fractures every year. And for many, a hip fracture is a death sentence. But there’s something you should be even more afraid of than osteoporosis. It’s an osteoporosis drug. And doctors write hundreds of thousands of prescriptions for it every year. And not only does it have […]

Osteoporosis Drugs Linked To Oesophageal Cancer

Bisphosphonates – taken for osteoporosis – are the poisoned apple of the modern age. It looks good on the surface but you definitely do NOT want to swallow it. Not surprisingly, in this story, the apple-toting witch with the wart on her nose is Big Pharma. And today’s juicy red treat is a type of […]

Osteoporosis Prevention: Do You Really Need A Bone Scan?

With news headlines warning women that they are facing an epidemic of brittle-bone diseases like osteoporosis and the mainstream’s recommendation that healthy post-menopausal women need bone density scans every two years, it’s no wonder more women than ever are having these scans DEXA scans. After all, prevention is better than cure and it’s just a […]