How to ward off osteoporosis

Date: 29 January, 2007


Poverty of the bone – that’s the literal translation of ‘osteopenia,’ which combines the Latin word for bone (osteo), and the Greek word for poverty (penia).

In osteopenia, the natural loss of bone mineral density has begun to outpace natural bone formation. And as you might suspect, this gradual impoverishment of bone is a precursor of osteoporosis.

I recently received this question about osteopenia from a member named Jane: ‘Is there anything natural available for the condition of osteopenia? I have been told I have this and it is pre-osteoporosis.’

The quick answer to Jane’s question: Yes – there are natural ways to address osteopenia – and this is the best time to put them to use, before the condition progresses any further.

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  1. Barry Gnomes Posted January 25, 2010

    This is such a great reference site!!! Thank you for the information and good work. Well Done!

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