Osteoporosis: How To Strengthen Your Bones And Prevent Fractures

Date: 5 March, 2001

Osteoporosis causes brittle bones that are prone to fracturing and is often dubbed the silent disease as sufferers rarely experience any symptoms although it can cause a hunched back and back pain in some cases and only realise they have the condition when they suffer a fracture.

Three million people in the UK suffer from the condition which affects one in three women (it is most common in post-menopausal women) and one in twelve men over the age of fifty. Many health experts are predicting that these statistics will rise if people dont take immediate action to protect their bones. No problem we can all handle taking action. Its figuring out what action to take that can present a challenge.

Of course, there are biphosphonate drugs, like Fosamax or Dodronel, which are designed to build bone mass, and the dairy industry still clings to its claim that milk builds strong bones. But while biphosphonates may make your bones denser they do not make them stronger, and after a few years they become more susceptible to breakage. They can also cause nasty side-effects including diarrhoea and an increased risk of peptic ulcers, especially if taken together with anti-inflammatory drugs.1

And milk just doesnt cut it in terms of bone health: In fact, studies show its not the best source of calcium, the most crucial bone-health nutrient, and it doesnt actually protect against fractures or other bone problems. Doubt was cast on the official advice to drink milk for bone health by the 12-year Nurses Health Study, which examined data from over 72,000 post-menopausal women in the US. It revealed that women who drank two or more glasses of milk a day had a higher risk of bone fractures than those consuming one glass a week or less.2

Many of you may have already made the switch over to calcium supplements to protect yourself from bone loss and osteoporosis. The key to keeping your bones strong and healthy is to regulate the calcium in your body. And now theres an all-natural product that can help you do that. Its called Osteophase, and preliminary studies show that it can reduce the loss of calcium, increase bone density, and increase bone remodelling.

Calcium regulating superstars that can help save your bones

Osteophase is the first nutritional supplement that reliably regulates calcium homeostasis to rebuild skeletal bone and resolve calcium overload. Its a marine-based formula made from oyster shell lining combined with 21 different amino acids, iron, zinc, and three specific herbs astragalus, angelica sinensis root, and coix seeds.

The inner lining of the oyster shell contains biologically active proteins and enzymes that are responsible for stimulating the formation of the hard outer shell from available calcium. The manufacturers of Osteophase developed a method of extracting these bioactive ingredients from the shell lining, along with calcium from the actual shell.

When theyre combined with the three herbs in the formula, the active components of the oyster shell lining help regulate the functions of calcium in the body, pulling it out of soft tissues where it can cause damage, and re-directing it into the bones to strengthen them.

Animal studies have shown that astragalus extract is able to inhibit bone loss. This suggests that it may be a good bone-protecting alternative for post-menopausal women who were counting on hormone replacement therapy for this purpose.

Angelica sinensis is frequently used as the main ingredient in herbal prescriptions for bone injuries. One study found that angelica stimulated synthesis of a substance called OPC-1, which is a crucial part of bone formation. And finally, coix seeds help counteract the degeneration of bone and cartilage.

For once you need even less than the experts recommend

The dose used in the clinical evaluation of Osteophase contained less than 125mg of calcium per day. This level of intake is actually far below the 1,000mg of calcium supplementation recommended each day by health authorities to protect against bone loss. But despite the lower level of calcium, the researchers found that Osteophase reduced the loss of calcium by up to 69 per cent, increased bone density by 27 per cent, and increased bone remodelling by 100 per cent.3, 4

These results support the notion that Osteophase achieves its results by regulating the amount of calcium in the body not by increasing it. So even though the government probably wont add it to its list of ways to head off the burgeoning epidemic of osteoporosis and bone loss, it certainly looks as if Osteophase might be one of the best tools for taking the immediate action against the condition thats now recommended by many medical experts.

Take one Osteophase capsule, three times day with 8 oz. of water.

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  1. Raymond Greenfield Posted March 25, 2009

    Where can I purchase the Osteophase capsules for Osteoporosis

  2. cheryl mathys Posted January 24, 2009

    Need advice: I am allergic to milk products I use tahini but dont know how much is necessary. I fractured my ankle 2 months ago. I am 62 and generally fit.

  3. Judy Bolger Posted January 21, 2009

    Where can I purchase the Osteophase capsules for Osteoporosis

  4. Judy Bolger Posted January 21, 2009

    Where can I get the Osteophase capsules for Osteoporosis

  5. Rosalind Lee Posted January 21, 2009

    I’ve also read that when one take calcium tablets, one is suppose to take it with magnesium as well.

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