Sleeping Problems

Nocdurna – The Bladder Control Drug Best Avoided

 Nocturnal polyuria… It sounds frightening but all it really is, is getting up at night to visit the toilet after you’ve gone to bed. There are lots of reasons that might happen, and plenty of ways to get it under control… and no matter what your doctor tells you, you don’t need the new prescription […]

Steer Clear Of This New Sleeping Pill

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just gave the green light for a new kind of sleeping pill, called Belsomra. Trust me when I tell you, Belsomra is guaranteed to have a lot more people going right through red traffic lights, stop signs, and swerving all over the road. That’s because the warning about […]

Sleep: Being A Night Owl Can Affect Your Health

Last year, I told you about the difference between ‘social sleeping time’ and ‘natural sleeping time’, and how getting too little sleep at the right time can cause ‘social jetlag’. Social jetlag is not a measurement of sleep duration but of sleep timing. In other words, are you sleeping during the times that are best […]

Sleep: Whatever You Do, Don’t Hit The Snooze Button…

If you are anything like me in the mornings, then you probably don’t wake up naturally on a typical workday morning — it’s more likely that the cruel ring of an alarm clock shocks you out of sleep. The next thing to follow, is hitting that snooze button… anything for a few extra minutes sleep […]