Sleeping Problems

Belsomra: Steer Clear Of This Sleeping Pill At All Costs

Last year we told you about a newly approved sleeping pill, called Belsomra (Suvorexant). When the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Belsomra late last year, the agency was especially concerned about one of its side effects: “psychomotor impairment ” — a fancy way to say someone isn’t fit to do anything that requires […]

Zolpidem: Know The Risks Before You Take This Sleep Aid

Zolpidem tartrate (Ambien) — Apart from being one of the most dangerous drugs, this sleep aid is also one of the most prescribed drugs. In the US in particular, zolpidem is sitting in more than 5 million people’s medicine cupboards right now and many of them are elderly patients. According to a recent report from […]

A Nap Helps To Lower Your Blood Pressure And Boosts Immunity

Here’s a new finding on how to lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system and lower stress. The best part: it doesn’t involve a treadmill, step machine or even any exercise at all. Nor is it a flavourless, meatless diet or any other strange food regimen. Blood pressure — sleep it off Researchers at […]

Nocdurna – The Bladder Control Drug Best Avoided

 Nocturnal polyuria… It sounds frightening but all it really is, is getting up at night to visit the toilet after you’ve gone to bed. There are lots of reasons that might happen, and plenty of ways to get it under control… and no matter what your doctor tells you, you don’t need the new prescription […]