Women’s Health

Flibanserin: Female Libido Drug Brings Far More Pain Than Pleasure

Since 2010, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rejected this drug twice… and yet, recently an FDA committee made a U-turn and voted 18-6 in favour of approving Sprout Pharmaceutical’s daily pill flibanserin… also referred to as the “female Viagra” or the “little pink pill.” Flibanserin’s approval — which will be sold under the […]

Misread Breast Biopsies Lead To Wrong Breast Cancer Diagnoses

It turns out that breast biopsies are not the fool-proof final word on whether women have breast cancer or not. In fact, according to a new study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), breast biopsies are far from the gold standard of tests the mainstream has hailed them to be. Leaving […]

Mainstream Gags The Truth About Gardasil’s Dark Side

We might live in an age of 24/7/365 news coverage, but that doesn’t mean censorship is not still very much alive and well. A case in point is when the largest daily newspaper in Canada, The Toronto Star, recently removed a front-page story from its website about an investigation into the side effects of the […]

FDA Rejects Abortion Warning For OTC Constipation Drug

When you think about ways to treat constipation, you probably first think about adding more fibre to your diet, taking a natural constipation remedy like magnesium, and if that doesn’t help, you might reach for an over-the-counter laxative as a last resort. However, if you’re female, you’d probably want to steer clear of a laxative […]