Alternative Therapies

Natural Cure From The Dark Ages Kills MRSA

Every time time the mainstream wants to ridicule a natural cure — even alternative treatments that people have relied upon for centuries — it falls back on its favourite insult calling natural medicine something that’s “out of the Dark Ages.” And yet, using this narrow-minded argument, 21st century doctors fail miserably to learn valuable — […]

Herbal Remedies To Avoid Before Surgery

Recently, US researchers at Cleveland’s University Hospitals conducted a review to assess the benefits and risks of widely used herbal remediesw. From their analysis, they compiled this list of herbs to avoid in the two weeks prior to surgery…

‘Silver Bullets’ to Fight the Common Cold and Other Infections

Colloidal silver was a mainstay treatment for conventional doctors until penicillin and other patented antibiotics were introduced as new wonder drugs. Since preparations of colloidal silver were unpatentable, they predictably fell into disuse.

That is until recently, when Belgium researchers from the University of Ghent, turned bacteria, normally found in yoghurt, into ‘silver bullets’ that can destroy viruses.

Metal Magic Chelation: Expel Toxic Metals With This Herbal Formula

Chelation is a complex and very ‘involved’ process through which heavy metals are removed from the system. Chelation Therapy should be overseen by an experienced doctor or health care practitioner and in most cases, it is preferred to be done with IV infusions. These infusions are costly and time consuming.
Most oral chelation formulas are based on EDTA, a substance that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use of heavy metal toxicity. Even though there are many so-called EDTA oral chelators available, it can be extremely unsafe to endeavour doing your own Chelation Therapy with these chelators, without the supervision of a doctor.