How To Help A Loved One Quit Smoking

I suspect most of our health-conscious readers don’t smoke. However, if you have a loved one or friend that is trying to kick the habit for good, there are two things you can do to help: 1. No matter how desperate they are to quit smoking, if they are considering the smoking cessation drug Champix (Chantix), […]

The Link Between Pesticides And Disease Gets Stronger

Biotech companies like Monsanto insist that it’s impossible to ‘grow’ sufficient amounts of food without the use of pesticides. That’s despite the fact that mounting evidence suggests these pesticides carry a great deal of blame for the rise in human disease. Who’s going to stop them? Mark my words: Genetically modified (GM) food and the […]

Prostate Cancer: Study Confirms Benefits Of ‘Watchful Waiting’

Alternative healthcare pioneer, Dr William Campbell Douglass has never been a fan of PSA tests or their follow-up biopsies. According to Dr. Douglass PSA Tests and prostate biopsies are the mainstream’s typical slash-and-burn approach to prostate cancer. A 2003 editorial in the British Medical Journal put it another way: “At present the one certainty about […]

Controlling PSA Levels Without The Need For Endless Biopsies

It’s a sad fact that many doctors often continue to use procedures, which might be out of date or even proven to be harmful to patients. This doesn’t mean that they are ‘bad’ doctors, but when doctors don’t stay on top of new advances in medicine or better treatment options, patients are the ones who […]