Cancer: Doctors Cash In On Chemo Off-Label Treatment

When it comes to cancer, the one criticism I hear more than any other is that alternative and natural medicine give false hope to cancer patients. Personally, I know people who have lived longer, healthier and happier after choosing to incorporate natural medicine into their treatment. But the real reason I find that argument so […]

Antioxidants May Help Prevent ‘Chemobrain’

You might not think that a cancer patient would need to worry about protecting his or her brain or the effects of the condition called ‘chemobrain’. Cancer patients shouldn’t even have to think about it. If they don’t, then chances are that doctors probably won’t either. Last week, I told you about post-chemotherapy cognitive impairment […]

‘Chemobrain’ Is Not A Figment Of The Imagination

When it comes to chemotherapy, we all evolve. Many years ago (more like decades, actually) I assumed chemotherapy was a cure. I think many of us were hopeful that it would be. But as time went by, I was distraught to see the horrible effects of chemo on family and friends. Eventually, I realized that […]