Lifestyle: A Prescription For Fruit And Veg?

The knowledge that eating healthier, exercising and reducing your stress levels can help prevent and even treat disease, doesn’t always translate into positive actions. We live in a society where we’ve been conditioned to believe that there is a pill for every ill and rather than starting an exercise programme or making a few easy […]

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer… Is your doctor brave enough to do… nothing? When the diagnosis is cancer, doing nothing might seem like the worst idea ever. Most cancer treatment guidelines press doctors to be aggressive. But every cancer is different and for one type in particular, the official guidelines are fuzzy. And that can be especially dangerous […]

Cancer: A Small Detail You Need To Know About Chemotherapy

Seeing a family member, friend or loved one battle with cancer is tough… What makes it even worse is knowing that the mainstream’s gold standard treatment — chemotherapy and radiation — can sometimes cause a secondary cancer. For many people – even survivors who have been through it all – this is shocking and unsettling […]

Doctor Admits Chemotherapy Can Cause Secondary Cancers

As I’m sure you know, radiation can cause cancer. But less well known is the oncologist’s frightening secret. It’s a secret because most patients never hear one word of warning… Chemotherapy can cause secondary cancers. And it often does. 2 or 20 per cent? “A double-edged sword.” That’s the not-so-comforting way Dr. Otis Brawley, chief […]