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BPA: Chemical Found In Plastic Worsens Migraines

Bisphenol A or BPA (a synthetic oestrogen) is a chemical used to harden plastics and it is one of the world’s most widely manufactured chemicals, with more than 2.2 million tons made each year. We’ve written about this dangerous chemical on numerous occasions in the past. While the UK, European Union and the US have […]

Hearing Loss May Signal The Onset Of Dementia

After reading the details of a new hearing study, I must tell you that it’s pretty disturbing. Researchers now link hearing loss to one of the most dreaded age-related health issues… dementia. It’s the classic cartoon of a grumpy old man… holding a megaphone up to his ear and shouting “speak up!” It may seem […]

‘Chemobrain’ Is Not A Figment Of The Imagination

When it comes to chemotherapy, we all evolve. Many years ago (more like decades, actually) I assumed chemotherapy was a cure. I think many of us were hopeful that it would be. But as time went by, I was distraught to see the horrible effects of chemo on family and friends. Eventually, I realized that […]

Statins Will Not Reduce Risk Of Dementia According To New Study

Another myth about cholesterol-lowering statin drugs bites the dust. You’ve got to hand it to executives of drug companies that manufacture statins. For years they’ve been touting statins as cholesterol cutters that may also have the potential to prevent cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, loss of bone mass and Alzheimer’s disease (AD). So far the evidence behind these supposed extra benefits is scant at best. And now a new study shows that it may be time to go ahead and cross Alzheimer’s off that list…