Are You A Victim Of High Fructose Corn Syrup Addiction?

Over the past few weeks we’ve written a lot about the detrimental effects of artificially sweetened fizzy drinks and fruit juice. No matter how one looks at it, these beverages are unhealthy, but that doesn’t always stop us from drinking them. But it turns out that when you really crave a Coke or Pepsi, and […]

Is This The Secret To A Disease-Free Life?

When the British Soft Drinks Association recently responded to health expert, Prof. Capewell’s call to place warnings on sugar-sweetened fruit juice and fizzy drinks to warn people about their increased risks of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay, they said: “Obesity is a far more complex problem than Professor Capewell’s simplistic approach implies and trying to […]

Obesity Rates Pass The 2 Billion Mark

Yesterday, I told you about Prof. Capewell, a public health expert from the University of Liverpool, who called on the UK government to follow the example of lawmakers in the US, who are in the process of considering a new law that places warnings on sugar-sweetened fruit juice and fizzy drinks about how they can […]

Fizzy Drinks Should Carry Health Warnings

There’s no missing the health warnings on cigarette packets. The ones saying: ‘Smoking can seriously damage your health’ or ‘Smoking causes cancer’… Now it looks like sugar-sweetened fruit juice and fizzy drinks could soon be carrying the same warnings… and it’s about time! Socially unacceptable The typical Briton consumes 12 teaspoons of sugar a day […]