European Food Safety Authority

How Safe Is Food Irradiation?

With the horsemeat scandal still fresh in our minds, this may not be the best time to bring this to your attention. But you know what they say: “There is no time like the present”, especially when it comes to food safety standards and nutrition. Food irradiation is a processing technique that exposes food to […]

ADHD Drugs Spell Big Profits For Big Pharma

Doctors wrote more than 51 million prescriptions for ADHD drugs in 2010, in the US alone. Sales topped $7.40 billion. And yet, hundreds of people contact the American Food And Drug Administration (FDA) daily to report ADHD drug shortages.

Truth is, there are plenty of these drugs available.

To control ADHD drug abuse, the medical authorities set yearly maximum quotas that drug companies are not allowed to exceed. Most companies that produce name brand ADHD drugs also produce generic versions. So you can imagine what happens.

Doctors Failing To Provide Basic Care

According to the largest and most detailed study into hospital deaths ever performed in the UK, almost 12,000 patients are dying needlessly in National Health Service (NHS) hospitals every year because of basic errors and lack of care by medical staff. The researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found there were serious errors in care and that something went wrong in 13 per cent of the patients who died in hospitals. An error caused death in 5.2 per cent of these patients — equivalent to 11,859 preventable deaths in hospitals in England.

Doctors Left In The Dark Regarding Drug Safety

If your doctor wants you to try a newly approved drug, tell him you’ll consider it in five years.

Better yet, make it 10.

The reason is simple. A new drug is a mystery. It’s probably more of a mystery than your doctor even realizes.

What your doctor doesn’t know CAN hurt you.