The Natural Solution To Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance… “An unfolding catastrophe.” “Approaching a point of no return.” Those are the warnings about antibiotic resistance from the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, who said in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) that the world is in danger of returning back to the pre-antibiotic era of the 19th century. That’s putting it mildly, because other […]

Gastric Bypass Surgery Is No ‘Miracle Cure’

Gastric bypass surgery… it’s no joke, I tell you. Recently I told you about the extra 7kgs I gained in the past year. It turns out that by allowing a few bad habits to slip into my daily routine, I gained weight at a very slow and unnoticeable rate. When my doctor warned me about […]

Colds & FluStatins To Treat The Flu?

Our regular readers will know that we’ve reported on this Big Pharma stunt before and as winter approaches they’re at it yet again. It’s hard to say which is the larger farce – this latest hapless study, or the media’s absurd take on the study.

We’ll start with the news report that includes this note… “Thirty-three per cent of the patients were given statins, while the rest were given other antiviral medications.”

A World Unable To Treat Infections

Much as the unnecessary use of antibiotics in humans is a big part of the problem, the excessive use of antibiotics in farming, particularly pig and poultry farms, is also a growing threat. In America, about 80 per cent of antibiotics used in animals are routinely placed in feed, largely to fatten the animals up. That practice is now banned in Europe, but universal dosing continues, with factory farmers keeping pigs and poultry on the drugs continually to prevent possible infections, rather than treating the animals when disease or infections occur.