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Slow Down Dementia And Age-Related Memory Loss By 70%

Brain shrinkage is one of the most important and harmful symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. While it is normal for the brain to gradually shrink after the age of 60 at an average rate of 1 per cent a year, the shrinkage rate jumps to around 2.5 per cent when Alzheimer’s disease sets in. […]

Ten Early Warning Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease

If you are a caregiver or a loved one of someone who is suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be kept in the dark about it. However, many caregivers and family members don’t know that they are taking care of someone suffering with this memory robbing disease. In fact, many […]

When Alzheimer’s Isn’t Alzheimer’s

Previously, we told you about research that showed how taking as little as three drugs daily, sharply increases your risk of memory loss and dementia… all as a result of drug interactions. And the more drugs you take, the greater your risk. Plus, it doesn’t matter if they’re prescription or over-the-counter drugs. What makes this […]

Getting The Facts Straight About Vitamin B12

According to a recent news article reporting on the latest vitamin study, vitamin B12 failed to improve the mental function of the participants. The results of the study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, contradict numerous studies that have previously shown (without a doubt) that vitamin B12 helps regulate the nervous system, reduces […]