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Big Pharma Is Trying To Gag The Truth About Statins

Last week, I shared with you some of our readers’ own experiences with cholesterol-lowering statin drugs and how their lives have been adversely affected by these dangerous drugs being touted left, right and centre by Big Pharma and their mainstream cronies. Of course, pharmaceutical companies will deny their so-called ‘wonder drug’ is in fact ridden […]

Would You Swap Heartburn For Dementia?

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are among the most widely prescribed drugs in the UK, with an estimated 43 million prescriptions written last year. They are supposed to bring instant relief for heartburn sufferers. However, it turns out that this supposed ‘instant relief’ can leave you with a long list of other health problems if you […]

Study Confirms Link Between Hearing Loss And Dementia

Let’s be honest: There is a lot of noise out there not worth hearing. So sometimes “tuning out” can be a welcome break from the insanity. But if you find yourself not listening because you’re having more and more trouble hearing, it can actually be the first sign of a very dangerous spiral. Which came […]

Memory Loss Can Be Causes By Drug Interactions

Memory loss is one of the sad facts of getting older… You get into your car. Turn the ignition. Put the car in gear. And a wave of fear comes over you… You can’t remember where you’re going. Or maybe you forgot your grandchild’s name. Or a friend calls on the phone and it takes […]