Weight Loss

Dark Chocolate Can Benefit Your Waistline And Mind

So far, studies have linked dark chocolate to a diverse range of benefits that include reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer, lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow; it also has mild anti-clotting effects that help prevent plaque formation in the arteries. That’s not all… Dark chocolate also provides polyphenols with high antioxidant […]

Obesity: Doomsday For ‘Fat Britain’ Closer Than We Thought

In 2007, the influential Foresight Report predicted that half the population of England could suffer from obesity by 2050. Seven years after the Foresight Report, data published in a new report, the State of the Nation’s Waistline, shows the 2007 predictions underestimated how fat Britain really is. The report, published by the National Obesity Forum, […]

Diet And Exercise: Give Yourself A Healthy Kick-Start For 2014

Today is the day… A happy New Year to all our readers. I sincerely hope that 2014 will be a wonderful year for all of you. Apart from being a day full of well wishes, it’s also traditionally a day of resolutions. During the holidays, I heard this joke: “Does anybody know about a good […]

The Benefits Of A High-Fibre Diet

Public health guidelines tell us that we should consume between 20 and 30 grams of fibre a day, but chances are that our modern diets don’t contain even half that amount. So, unless you regularly eat whole fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, you may be missing out on the health benefits associated with eating […]